Parents share funniest Easter pranks on Twitter for April Fool’s Day

Parents share funniest Easter pranks on Twitter for April Fool’s Day

Easter Sunday holds a very special place in the hearts of chocoholic children. 

However, when Easter Sunday happens to cross over with April Fool’s Day, mayhem inevitably ensues as parents take advantage of the coincidence to dupe their young ones.

Children everywhere expecting to be treated to mounds of chocolate have been tricked by fiendish adults, who have shared their savage exploits on Twitter.

Many parents have had the same idea of presenting their youngsters with large grapes encased in Creme Egg packaging.

However, one parent has taken their commitment to their April Fool’s Day Easter prank to the next level.

A mother from Albuquerque has shared photos on Twitter that show her dipping brussels sprouts in a chocolate, covering them with nuts and then displaying them as perfectly wrapped Ferrero Rocher confectioneries.

Other Twitter users have commented on her ingenuity, with one writing: “That step by step photo montage. A visual insight of pure evil.”

One of the grandest hoaxes of all has been sending children out on Easter egg hunts… where there are no eggs to be found. 

A woman has posted a photo on Twitter in which children are pictured happily foraging in bushes for Easter eggs.

“How long do you think it will take them to realise there are no Easter eggs hidden #AprilFools,” she wrote.

While parents may have had their fair share of fun hoodwinking unsuspecting youngsters, they’re not the only ones who can play at that game. 

One woman who gave her children grapes wrapped as Creme Eggs was served her just deserts shortly afterwards.

“They made us brownies (brown-E’s) in return,” she wrote, as she shared a photo of a couple of ‘E’s cut out of paper and coloured in with brown felt tip.

Never underestimate the imagination of the next generation.

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