NYC restaurant criticised for ‘extravagantly priced’ menu and ‘purposefully obscuring prices’

NYC restaurant criticised for ‘extravagantly priced’ menu and ‘purposefully obscuring prices’

NYC restaurant criticised for 'extravagantly priced' menu and 'purposefully obscuring prices' 1

A new restaurant nestled in New York City’s Hudson Yards neighbourhood is charging exorbitant prices and makes it difficult to find how much menu items cost.

Since it opened officially opened in March, the new Hudson Yards neighbourhood in Manhattan has flaunted its wealth.

Boasting the city’s only Neiman Marcus, as well a range of designer shops including Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Fendi, Hudson Yards has become an epicentre for spending money.

However, even amongst the luxury stores and restaurants, the prices, or lack thereof, at Estiatorio Milos stand out.

According to Eater, the Greek restaurant, which has another Manhattan location, omitted prices from its display menus.

Judging from the restaurant’s prices, it is clear to see why – as the outlet reported a side of fava beans costs $17.50 while a single oyster costs $4.50.

Appetisers cost the same amount as a pricey main dish, with a starter plate of ceviche setting diners back $42, while carabinero prawns are priced at $118 per pound.

According to the outlet, a two-course meal for two people could easily come out to $416 – a possibility that may not be initially clear to patrons in the shopping-mall style building, which Eater called a “nefarious technique”.

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“A display menu without prices, though, is a heck of a thing for a shopping mall restaurant with ample availability for last-minute diners,” the outlet wrote. “Even someone who made a reservation a week out might have no idea what they’re up against until they sit down at a table with, say, three other patrons and realise they’re about to drop $800 on dinner.”

Despite the prices, the restaurant boasts four stars on Yelp.

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