How to make Romy Gill’s red lentils dal

How to make Romy Gill’s red lentils dal

How to make Romy Gill's red lentils dal 1

Red lentils dal

Dal is a very important part of every Indian household. It can be made in so many different ways and techniques, and everyone will have their own way of making it, and secretly think theirs is best.

My mum would cook different lentils and pulses every single day, along with other side dishes. Even if we have meat dishes dal will always be there to complete the meal.

Lentils and pluses are very versatile so lots of chefs, food writers and home cooks in the UK are using them more in their cooking, and because of that readers are seeing recipes with them more often, and making them – and so the cycle of their popularity goes on and increases.

Lots of supermarkets and locals shops are sell it, so it’s very easy to get hold and it’s very affordable.

Above all if you are vegetarian and vegan its a good source of as they are source of protein, fibre among other things.

Serves 3

75g red lentils (wash and drain water takes around 40 minutes to cook)
1 tsp turmeric powder
2 tsp salt
1 litre water (add more if required)
4tsp sunflower oil
4 garlic cloves grated
1tsp nigella seeds (little extra for garnish)
4 spring onions with greens chopped
2 green chillies chopped
1tsp ground cumin
1 large tomato chopped

Wash and drain the lentils, and then add the lentils in a medium sized saucepan with water, turmeric and salt, cook the lentils on medium and occasionally stir, while the lentils are cooking, will make the tarka to add to the lentils.

Heat the oil in a frying pan on medium, then add the nigella seeds and when they start to sizzle add the grated garlic and cook for 1 minute. Add the chopped spring onions, green chillies and cook for 2 minutes. Add chopped tomatoes, ground cumin and, mix them all well and cook for another 3-4 minutes.

Check if the lentils are cooked once they are nearly cooked, add the paste in the dal and mix it and cook for further 5 minutes.

Serve with rice or dal. The beauty about dal is that it is very versatile can be eaten with anything.

Romy Gill is head chef and owner of Romy’s Kitchenin Thornbury. Follow her @Romygill


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