How to make mushroom dahl with radishes, rice & yoghurt

How to make mushroom dahl with radishes, rice & yoghurt

How to make mushroom dahl with radishes, rice & yoghurt 1

Mushroom dahl with radishes, rice & yoghurt

Prep & cook: 30 mins
Serves 2

Cook the lentils on a low heat; if too hot they will stick to the base of the pan. Add more water if they start drying out; you want a loose, porridge-like consistency. Adding chilli at the end is optional; it adds an extra kick of heat for the more tolerant.

150g red lentils
100g brown basmati rice
Salt & pepper
2 tomatoes
2 tablespoons medium curry powder
1 teaspoon bouillon powder
1 onion
200g portobello mushrooms
1 garlic clove
Oil for frying e.g. sunflower
1 bunch radishes – use ½
15g coriander
1 teaspoon black onion seeds

Mushroom spice pot:

1 tablespoon curry leaves
½ teaspoon mustard seeds
½ teaspoon cumin seeds
1 lemon
Yoghurt, to serve

Rinse the rice, cover well with boiling water, add a good pinch of salt, pop on the lid & simmer for approx. 25 mins or until tender.

Rinse the lentils to remove excess starch & tip into a saucepan. Add roughly chopped tomatoes, curry powder, bouillon powder & 600ml boiled water. Bring to a simmer. Gently cook for approx. 20-25 mins, until soft.

Meanwhile, peel & finely slice the onion. Slice the mushrooms, not too thinly. Peel & finely chop 1 garlic clove.

Heat 2 tbsp oil in a frying pan. Add the onion & a pinch of salt. Fry gently for 3-4 mins, until starting to soften.

Increase the temperature, add the mushrooms & cook for 5-6 mins until both are softened & coloured.

Add the garlic & the mushroom spice pot to the mushrooms, turn up the heat & fry for another 2 mins. Remove from the heat.

Clean half the bunch of radishes & slice into chunky rounds or wedges. Chop the coriander leaves.

Mix the radishes with the black onion seeds & half the coriander. Season with a pinch of salt. Keep to one side.

When the lentils have cooked, stir in the mushrooms & remaining coriander. Season with salt & pepper to taste. A squeeze or 2 of lemon juice will enliven it too.

Drain the rice & serve with the dahl, alongside the radishes & yoghurt.

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