Gin tasting: Waitrose launches bookable sessions to can experience in your own home

Gin tasting: Waitrose launches bookable sessions to can experience in your own home

Gin tasting: Waitrose launches bookable sessions to can experience in your own home 1

Britain has seen a growing rise in the popularity of gin in recent years, otherwise known as a “ginaissance”, with more bottles of the juniper-based drink being sold than ever before in 2018.

However, a recent study conducted by Mintel revealed that 28 per cent of millennials, aged 24-31, prefer to drink at home because they believe going out is “too much effort” – and Waitrose is listening.

In a bid to cater to those who prefer to enjoy their favourite tipple while slumped on the sofa, the supermarket has started an at-home event that can be hosted in your house, hired accommodation, office or event space.

Aptly named “Gin O’ Clock”, the sessions are two-hours long and hosted by one of Waitrose & Partner’s booze specialists.

The experience includes five different types of gin, including a pink pepper and sloe gin, which will be served on their own before being paired with a variety of Fever-Tree tonics.

But, you won’t just be drinking. During the session, participants will also learn about the history of the juniper-based tipple, how to make the perfect G&T and discover more about each of the varieties’ different flavour profiles.

After tasting, any leftover gin will be left for you to enjoy while each of your guests will be given their own Fever-Tree Dartington crystal glass.

Sessions for the Gin O’ Clock experience are available to book now across the majority of the UK and are priced at £400 for between 6-10 people.

Andrew Riding, drinks experience manager at Waitrose Wine Tasting at Home said: “The Waitrose Wine Tasting at Home Gin O’ Clock experience is a fun and relaxed way for you and your guests to find out more about various gin flavour profiles.

“From knowing how much ice to use, to which glass choice is best, our experience will help hone your gin and tonic making skills.

“Britain is having a great love affair with gin at the moment and we are excited to either teach fans more about their favourite drink or introduce the world of gin to newcomers.”

According to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), in recent years with more bottles of gin have been sold than ever before.

In 2018, “Mother’s Ruin”, as the tipple was previously known, proved so popular that a record 73m bottles of the drink were sold in the UK.

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The WSTA reports that sales have seen a “staggering” boost”, breaking £2bn and almost doubling in the space of two years, between 2016-2018.

You can find more information on how to make the perfect gin and tonic, here.

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