Eight of the strangest McDonald’s meals from around the world

Eight of the strangest McDonald’s meals from around the world

The McDonald’s Big Mac burger has been sold by the fast food restaurant chain for more than 50 years, becoming a staple dish on the eatery’s menu.

It was recently announced that McDonald’s had decided to make a change to the burger’s signature recipe in the UK for the first time, adding bacon to the two beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions.

While the Big Mac may be internationally regarded as a classic McDonald’s dish, there are a number of items on McDonald’s menus across the world that some people may find quite unconventional.

Take McDonald’s Germany, for example, which sells a pizza-burger hybrid called the Pizza Mac. Talk about turning your wildest food fantasies into reality!

From a shrimp burger to a chicken spaghetti meal, here are eight of the most unusual McDonald’s dishes from around the world:

It was recently reported that McDonald’s had been stripped of its Big Mac trademark across the European Union.

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The decision was made following a legal challenge that had been made by an Irish restaurant chain, a family-owned eatery called Supermac’s.

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