We no longer use an App to post to Facebook!

We no longer use an App to post to Facebook!

Due to Facebook’s unreasonably unfriendly process for existing “apps” to be updated has resulted in us deciding not to use Facebook for sharing content from our website.

We do not utilize Facebook user information in order to post. We don’t want Facebook user information on our website. People only observe what has been presented on our website.

If content is shared here on Facebook, we do not gather information from users in order for them to interact with our Facebook page. Facebook gathers user information, not us. Therefore we do not agree with allowing Facebook workers access to our site in order for them to better understand how users use the app that transfers content from our site to Facebook.

We believe it should be sufficient for us to show that there is no interaction between our website and people who view content on our site. We don’t sell anything. We don’t ask for comments. We also don’t allow people to join our site. Therefore Facebook’s requirements are overly invasive to us, as website owners.

Thank you for your time.

I hope, if you are a member of Facebook, you have a great experience on Facebook & that you have a great day.


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