Our Top 10 Classic Thanksgiving Recipes

From Turkey to mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce - our Top 10 Classic Thanksgiving Recipes that you can't NOT make for your Thanksgiving menu! | natashaskitchen.com

Making a brand new recipe for Thanksgiving (the biggest food day of the year) is risky and intimidating, so instead of sharing something new, I put together a list of our top 10 favorite, tried-and-true, Thanksgiving recipes. These are our top rated recipes – well loved by our family and the Natasha’s Kitchen Family (that’s YOU!).

I hope you have a delicious week and take many moments to reflect on being thankful. I’m thankful for so much – how the Lord brought our family out of Ukraine as refugees in 1989 to enjoy the abundant life we live in America. It’s humbling to me when I start to consider all that the Lord has blessed me with; the people we have influenced and the families we have blessed with this blog of ours. I’m so thankful for your love and support.

May the Lord bless your families with health, peace, joy and prosper you in whatever your heart desires. I usually write all this sappy stuff at the end but since only 10% of folks reach the bottom of a post (not you, but statistically), I wanted to be sure you all got the message loud and clear. I’m thankful for YOU! ?

Now on to the list of Thanksgiving recipes you can’t NOT make for your feast…

#1 ULTRA CREAMY Mashed Potatoes:

Our most popular recipe right now!! Everyone loves a good mashed potatoes recipe, but this one is just completely silky, rich and unforgettably good. It’s my friend, Anna’s recipe. She shared it with us last year and it has been our favorite ever since. Love potatoes? Here is every potato recipe we have.

Our Top 10 Classic Thanksgiving Recipes 1

#2: Autumn Chopped Chicken Salad

This was a tough one to pick but this is currently the favorite and also happens to be the salad I’m bringing to this years Thanksgiving dinner along with #5 (see below). It has the best flavors of Autumn and the dressing is oooohh so good (KEEPER ALERT)! See more exciting salads here.

Our Top 10 Classic Thanksgiving Recipes 2

#3: Salmon Crostini

These are always a crowd pleasing favorite. That cream cheese spread is excellent. Salmon canapés are so simple to make and show up to 90% of our major holiday and birthday parties. We buy the smoked salmon in Costco. They come in packs of 2 so I freeze one for the next party ;). See more appetizer ideas here.

These smoked salmon tea sandwiches (crostini) show up at 90% of our parties. Everyone loves them. The cream cheese dill spread is wonderful!

#4: Sweet Potato Casserole

If you have sweet potato lovers at your party, this is a must-make recipe! It is creamy and puffs up slightly like a soufflé. That crunchy pecan crust makes it holiday-worthy. My sister, Tanya, made this for last year’s Thanksgiving dinner and it was a big win. More sweet potato recipes here! 

Our Top 10 Classic Thanksgiving Recipes 3

#5: Classic Cheesecake with Blueberry Topping!!

This one’s a toss up. I always make our classic cheesecake for Thanksgiving including this year’s dinner, but our pumpkin cheesecake and mini cheesecakes are definitely the most popular this time of year. Either one is sure to be a hit!

New-York style cheesecake and a blueberry sauce that doubles as a topping for waffles, or anything else you could possibly drown with blueberry sauce.

#6: Salmon Layer Salad (Shuba)

I don’t think Thanksgiving is the same without Shuba. It’s a weird and wonderful flavor combination that I find completely irresistible and my sister, Sveta makes it every Thanksgiving.

Our Top 10 Classic Thanksgiving Recipes 4

#7: Hot Apple Cider

You’re guests will come hungry and thirsty too! This is such a tasty holiday punch. It’s awesome for all the winter parties. Explore more party drinks HERE (like our most popular Cranberry Pineapple Punch!!).

This honey apple cider is such a wonderful Fall recipe. Apples are inexpensive, crisp and delicious. You can use any variety of apples for this recipe.

#8: Cranberry Sauce

It’s so easy and flavorful. If you’re used to the canned version, you are in for a real treat! Bonus: This one is all-natural and sweetened with honey! Oh and it’s infused with orange and cinnamon – come to Mama!!

Cranberry Sauce

#9: Turkey Gravy

I call this the “Mother” of all gravies. It is made with drippings from your turkey which creates the most flavorful gravy known to me. Folks will remember you for your gravy. If you aren’t making the turkey this year, here are some easy gravy recipes for you.

Hands down, the best turkey gravy. Try this and you'll never toss those turkey drippings again; liquid gold! @natashaskitchen

#10: Juicy Roast Turkey.

If you don’t have a your heart set on a turkey recipe (or maybe you’re a little freaked out about making turkey), watch our video tutorial and get our Juicy Roast Turkey recipe here. Hopefully you are already thawing your turkey (and if not, try a quick-thaw method).

Making a juicy and flavorful Thanksgiving Turkey is easier than you think! A Video for how to make a Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe that your guests will love! | natashaskitchen.com

P.S. Keep that leftover turkey meat. This leftover turkey in a creamy mushroom sauce makes the time you spent plucking the bird so TOTALLY WORTH IT! It’s so easy and completely delicious. I’m betting you’ll make it over and over.

This Leftover Turkey recipe is by far my favorite way to use up leftover turkey! Turkey in creamy mushroom sauce is so easy and a big win in our family!

Have a beautiful and delicious Thanksgiving my friends! For more Thanksgiving recipes and inspiration you may LOVE the following posts:

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Q: What dish is the highlight of Thanksgiving dinner for you?
I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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